Company Profile
Our foundation
Top Digital Techonogy Co;Ltd, which was established in 2009,is one of the leading manufacturer of video brochure,usb flash memory products ,power banks;etc in shenzhen China.

Our market
Our passionate attitude has helped us to win high reputation among our clients all over the world.By our competitive price,good quality,our pursuit for perfection.We distribute our products worldwide to more than 15 countries throughout Europe, South Asia,America and South America,etc.

Our quality standard
All of our production are based on Grade A material,apart from electronic parts or printing. For video brochure,from printing to assembling,we have very strict control of each process to ensure the quality stability and perfection.We are not only searching for low cost but sacrifice the quality to achieve any business,we will never use any refurbished screens or PCB board to lower the cost,and all of our products will be tested 3 times before shipment,from surface to function,we are aiming to ensure our clients end up with impressive products to get their brands promoted. For usb flash drives,we only use Grade A chips with full capacity and delicate printing solution.Apart from quality,all of our chips source comes from Taiwan directly,so you will buy a cost-effective but high quality usb from us all the time.

Our Delivery Time
For video brochure,rush order can be delivered within 6 days after your order confirmation
For usb stick and power bank,plain stock delivery can be 2 days after your order confirmation.

Our company core value
Customer First is our company core value.We want to have more people all over the world to be benefit from smart mobile kits.Now we are offering our products from big distributors to small end-users. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any query about our products.We will help u to convert your idea to a real product!